Living in the Netherlands

A Love Letter to Spain

Dear Spain,

I know we’ve only just met, but I think I may already love you.

From the moment the airplane touched down in Málaga, I felt myself grinning from ear to ear.


When we stepped outside of the plane, the air had a distinct aroma, reminiscent of campfires and the beach.

The drive from Málaga to Marbella was gorgeous. The tapas lunch on the beach (quite literally) was breathtaking.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am? Because it definitely bears repeating.

The waitstaff was incredibly friendly. My favorite part was when one waiter handed three-year-old Luca the check and said “Paga, Luca.”

While I realize I am in a very touristy (not to mention wealthy) part of the country, and my experience isn’t indicative of typical Spanish life, I feel myself yearning for more. I want to see more of you, Spain.

I had already planned to return in September to take the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage; and I am now convinced, more than ever, of the brilliance of that plan.

I can see this infatuation developing into a lifelong romance. I promise to become fluent in Spanish, just for you. (Okay, so I’ve actually had that goal for some time. But you are the reason for it finally coming to fruition.)

Oh, dear Spain, let me further count the ways I love thee.

You provided warmth and sunshine when I had almost forgotten about their existence.

Back in my natural habitat

Back in my natural habitat

It is so lovely to see palm trees and mountains again.

I love your winding, colorful streets.Marbella

Spain, I’ll be back for you.

Your biggest admirer,



12 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Spain

  1. My beautiful Julie!!

    So I’ll admit that Spain wasn’t a high priority on my list of places to visit but I think I need to rethink that. Anyways…. This is great. I can’t wait to explore Europe with you. I do need to talk with you but I might need to adjust the flow of my trip. I might have to do London first and then Idk. I need to figure it out. Buttttt I’m set on spending your bday with you… that must happen. Let me know if this is a problem tho.

    Ahhhh!!! I can’t wait. Miss you! See you in a few months! ❤


    • Jackie!!

      Spain is absolutely beautiful. If you can go, you must. But you’re already planning so much, just make sure you don’t try to pack too much in to those two weeks.

      Let me know of any plan changes. Everything’s still uncertain on my end, but the family is really nice and flexible, so we should be able figure something out. Just an idea– what if you did the trip in reverse, so Amsterdam would be one of the last places you visit?

      I’m SO excited for your trip. Whatever you decide, I will see you, and it will be incredible.

    • THAT IS PERFECT. I definitely plan to still be around during fall/winter. Likely backpacking across Europe, but I do have some other ideas up in the air. We really should talk soon. You have skype, yes?


  2. It was July of 2000, (HOLY S&*T! That was 13 years ago!) when I had my affair with Spain. I spent two weeks on the South East Coast, in Alacante, Altea, Benedorm and Velencia. Aside from marrying your Uncle Kenny, it was one of the big adventures of my life. I went alone, knew hardly any Spanish, and had never been across the big ocean before. So awesome you get to be there. Jealous!

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  4. Hola Julie!

    Te acuerdas de mí? 🙂 Soy Diego, de las clases de holandés en Hilversum!

    Espero que estés pasando grandes aventuras en tu viaje por el mundo y que esté siendo la experiencia más inolvidable que hayas tenido en tu vida (que seguro que lo será).

    Echo mucho de menos esas clases de holandés y bueno… todo lo que viví allí… Ahora mismo estoy dando clases a niños de primaria y más o menos estoy ganando algo de dinero…

    Te deseo mucha suerte en tus próximos viajes y, viendo lo encantada que quedaste con España, aquí te espero de nuevo!

    Un besazo muy grande!

    P.S: I wrote it in spanish for your improvement! hahaha ^_^`

    • Hola Diego!

      (okay, I’m going to try to respond in Spanish, completely on my own. So there will be a few mistakes, I’m sure.)

      Por supuesto, me acuerdo de ti!

      Sí, tuve grandes aventuras en Europa y Asia. Regresé a California en febrero, y ya quiero viajar de nuevo.

      Estás ganando dinero para viajar? O te quedas en España por algo tiempo? Necesito visitar! Y todavia necesito caminar El Camino de Santiago. Pero no sé cuando.

      En agosto, es posible que voy a vivir en Pennsylvania o Nueva York por un año. Es una oportunidad para trabajar con refugios.

      Abrazos y besos muy grandes! Espero que estés bien!

      • Hellooooooooooo!!!

        Perfect spanish! Se nota que aprendes rápido!

        By the moment I’m trying to work as a teacher.. but is little bit difficult because the crisis… 😥

        But I WANT TO DO “CAMINO DE SANTIAGO” TOO!! So, if you are going to come back to Spain tell me WHEN! Because maybe we can do it together!! That would be great!

        I guess would be about 2015 or 2016, isn’t it?

        I’m very happy you had a great travel around the world!

        I hope you have a great year.
        We are in touch!



        P.S: Sorry for my english, I’m trying to improve it but I haven’t anybody to talk… XD

      • Oh gosh, I’m so glad you were able to understand it! I did cheat on a couple verbs, and look up the infinitive version, but the rest was all me 😀

        Doing the Camino together would be FANTASTIC! Probably 2016.

        But hopefully, I’ll be in Europe Fall 2015 for graduate school. So I can visit Spain before the Camino, too!

        Your English is still wonderful. SO much better than my Spanish. Good luck with teaching, and we will stay in touch. Let me know if you ever want to practice English/Spanish!


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