Indie30 Blog Challenge

Day 5, Passions/Interests

The prompt for day 5 of BootsnAll’s April creative challenge asks: what else (besides travel) are you passionate about?

I love to meditate, rock climb, read, hike, cycle, and watch live music. Though my greatest passions shine through in where I choose to volunteer.

Currently, most of my energy is focused on Living Ubuntu’s six-event commemorative film series, in honor of Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. We had the first three events earlier this week, highlighting the genocides in Rwanda, Armenia, and Cambodia. They were extremely moving, especially in hearing the experiences of survivors and descendants of survivors. If you’re in the Los Angeles-Orange County region, I highly recommend joining us for the next three, about Sudan, Bosnia, and the Holocaust.

We also have a closing reception on April 30, as an opportunity to translate insight into action. Living Ubuntu’s current focus is on trauma recovery for refugees, promoting the Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) created by Dr. David Berceli. This approach transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, as it focuses on the ways we store stress and trauma in the body.

I love working with this organization because of their compassionate framework and mind-body approach. My eventual goal is to work with urban refugees, and so I’m thrilled by the prospect of being involved with their trauma recovery program.

On another serious note, I met a man yesterday by the name Jesus Aguirre, Sr. In March 2010, his son was arrested in connection with an attempted murder in Buena Park, CA. The victim testified in court that Jesus A. Aguirre (the son) was not the shooter. Other witnesses testified in Jesus’ favor, and yet he was convicted. He was arrested at age 16, tried as an adult, and sentenced to life. As I spoke with the boy’s father yesterday, I wished I could do more to help him. He has been working tirelessly for years on his son’s behalf, sacrificing his career to see that his son is released, exonerated from the crime he did not commit.

You can read more about the case, and sign the petition for a re-trial here.

And this is the facebook page in support of Jesus A. Aguirre’s cause.

Your support is greatly appreciated; thank you.

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