Indie30 Blog Challenge

Day 16, European City

My favorite city in Europe (so far): Budapest, Hungary

Heroes' Square (Hősök tere) at night

Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere) at night

During my short stay, I fell in love with Budapest. I was a bit preoccupied with my upcoming trip to Vietnam, but I still was able to appreciate the dynamic and vibrant nature of the capital city.

Upon arrival, we gathered at the gorgeous train station to meet our host Miklós. After finding him, we were subsequently serenaded by a passer-by. Miklos assured us that this is not the norm, but in my mind everyone gets serenaded on their first visit to the city.

Despite nearing the end of October, the warm weather allowed me to traipse around the city in shorts and without shoes.

Food and transportation are much cheaper than in any other European city I visited (further incentive for me to return to Eastern Europe). I may have eaten a tad too much, for once allowing my hunger not to be curbed by my budget.

The bars in the city are also an incredibly sight. I often went inside just to look around and take pictures, astounded by the amount of detail in the decorations.


My apologies for the blurriness. I really don’t like using flash.


Look, details! And plants!



Bonus: UNHCR’s (UN High Commission for Refugees) main office for Central Europe is in Budapest. I smell a job opportunity.. perhaps in the distant, distant future.

Whether for work, grad school, or good ol’ backpacking, I’m sure I’ll return to this colorful and historic city.


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