Indie30 Blog Challenge

Day 17, The States

My current obsession is reading blogs about the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT extends from Mexico to Canada: thru-hikers begin in Campo, California, and finish at the Washington-Canada border (at Monument 78). They reserve 5-6 months to cover the entire distance by foot. The PCT Association recommends beginning in late April or early June, assuming a northbound journey.

Some have already started hiking. Others are waiting for the Kickoff, which is this coming Friday-Saturday. Here’s a list of my favorites, so far:

  • Rob’s blog — Rob has already begun, and seems to be having the time of his life, despite an uncooperative tent.
  • notachancehikes — This will be her fourth PCT hike. And she is hilarious.
  • Carrot Quinn — She did the PCT last year, and is doing it again this year thanks to her fully funded indiegogo campaign.

I get lost in their tales of trail angels, foot problems/injuries, beautiful scenery, new friends, changeable weather, gear supplies, etc.

It amazes me that I grew up in California, but didn’t hear about this trail until about a year ago, in the Netherlands of all places. I met someone from Colorado who planned to do it when he returned to the States. I’ve been obsessed ever since– loving the pictures he posted from the trail, reading books about ultralight backpacking, and zeroing in on everything PCT-related.

I’m in no condition to do it anytime soon, but it is now one of my life goals to do the PCT thru-hike. The allure of seeing the changing scenery, from California to Washington, is too great to ignore. My objective now is to hike as much as I possibly can, to continue learning about long-term backpacking.

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