Indie30 Blog Challenge

Day 18, World Wonders

Beautiful scenery compels me to move. I love hiking and climbing — whether it’s a giant mountain or an intricate set of branches on an old tree, I love the challenge. The promise of changing surroundings leads me to dream of long-term hikes, like El Camino de Santiago and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Hiking in Wales

Hiking in Wales

I prefer to travel slowly, and so it’s the appeal of the natural surroundings that draws me in (rather than man-made attractions). I was able to see a lot of back roads while hitchhiking, but I have a desire to move even slower. Cycling and hiking trips are ideal, with the opportunity to really observe the surrounding environment.

Gorgeous Ireland (Sligo)

Gorgeous Ireland, County Sligo

I advocate for a more-connected approach to traveling, and these methods give just that. It’s possible to chat with locals, to experience the passing of seasons, to literally stop and smell the roses.


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