Post-Netherlands Backpacking Trip

Capturing the day-to-day

Inspired by this TED Talk about recording a video each day, I re-committed myself to that effort during my backpacking trip abroad, in September 2013. The following video shows the last five-ish months of my travels: it begins in England, following my journey through Wales, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

This project is a powerful memory aid — in that one second, I’m transported to a different time, reminded of other events that transpired that day. So it carries more meaning for me than it will anyone else. But it’s still exciting to share, and I hope you enjoy it.

In choosing a song to accompany the video, I encountered some difficulty. I had wanted to select something that would be reminiscent of my time abroad, but nothing seemed to fit. I eventually arrived at Michael Franti & Spearhead’s “Say Hey (I Love You),” one of my favorite happy songs. The mood of the song is very reflective of my backpacking trip — light, joyous, content but still eager in anticipation.

The messages contained in the song are also very fitting: traveling is a very humbling experience, and nothing captures this sentiment more than the verse, “The more I see, the less I know.” I expanded my experiential knowing in the arts of patience, flexibility, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, and compassion. But I also realized that there is so much more to learn, to experience and witness.

And while embracing that uncertainty and unknowing, there is one thing that remains unchanged — the love we have for one another. He refers to romantic love, but in my mind I extend it to the love between any two people. I think of the love between family and close friends, between neighbors and acquaintances. I’m reminded of the strong love and gratitude I felt for strangers.

Every close friend begins as a stranger, and this video is an expression of my fierce, unyielding love for the world.

12 thoughts on “Capturing the day-to-day

  1. “The more I see, the less I know.” I love that. I have a hard time looking deep into things unless they are thrown in my face, so thank you for tossing that one my way. 🙂

    Julie, your video is so awesome! I love the song and I’m so glad you posted it. 😀 I’ve finally caught up to mid April of this year (the extent of the videos on my computer, the rest are on my phone), but I’m stuck on a song for 2014… or how to stitch everything together. Either way, yours gives me inspiration. Thank you Julie! ❤

    • Any time 😉

      I’m so glad you like the video. You are waaaay ahead of me, I can’t wait to see your 2014 video. Were there any songs that held particular significance for last year? Or any themes that you noticed, running through the year? Hope inspiration strikes soon so I can hear it. Good luck!

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