One Second a Day, 2014

As a segue into returning to more regular blog posts, I offer my long overdue video for my time in California in 2014. My previous ‘one second a day’ video ended with my return to California, after spending about a year and a half abroad.

So much runs through my mind as I watch this video. There are so many familiar faces and places, many that are dear to me and feel especially far away as I watch from my apartment in Vienna.

There is much more of the boring and mundane in this video than in the last — it’s filled with shots of the food I made/ate, my room, watching movies, and me being a goofball when I didn’t know what else to film for the day.

I also am aware of the passage of time, noticing the differences between now and two years ago. Friendships have faded. Everyone is a little bit older now. People moved. I no longer own most of the things pictured in my room. Change is constant, and this video makes that abundantly clear.

The song is a favorite of mine, “All of My Days” by Alexi Murdoch. Mostly, I was just searching for a song that was long enough to last the duration of the video. But it fits, considering how lost I felt upon returning to California. It proved to be a time of huge growth spurts. And so as I watch it, I’m reminded of where I’ve been, who I am and who I’m becoming. It’s a very welcome reminder.



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