The Summer of Julie, pt. 2

I am happier, more centered, and feel a sense of purpose when I write. The past nine months or so have been a rollercoaster of losses, discoveries, challenges and beautiful, authentic encounters. It hasn’t been so conducive to writing.

But again and again, appearing in my field of awareness, is the insistence that I to sit down and write, at any and every cost. I need this ritual to make sense of my life.

I’m currently in Łódź, Poland, sitting in a vegetarian/vegan cafe with the most delicious banana-coffee shake and watermelon curry, soon heading out to a nearby park.


Mural in Łódź

I left Vienna less than a week ago, but already it feels so far away.


In my last two weeks in Vienna, I had to move into a different flat, which was super stressful and disruptive, but it led me to be roomies with one of my favorite people in the world, to meet a few more amazing people, and gave us this rooftop view of Vienna.

Tomorrow I hitch to Gdańsk, to go to my program’s summer school in Puck (which is right next to the Baltic Sea — the incredible luck and fortune that is my life continues!).

Then I head to Lithuania, to catch my flight to Iceland, to spend 10 days there (including my birthday!), to then fly to California.

More thoughts and updates and pictures and reflections to follow.


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